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Fiftyism is a site for those approaching fifty, are fifty or are fifty with some add ons. It is a site designed to motivate, educate and at times amuse those of us enjoying the prime of our middle age. Although targeted toward a male audience, female readers will see through many of the posts immediately courtesy of innate genetic understanding.

Although the site is relatively new, posts are being added with some regularity. The hamburger icon on your right will display what content is currently on offer or you can simply continue scrolling down the page.

Fiftyism will not annoy you with pop-ups, adds or external links encouraging you to buy products you most probably don’t need. I ask you to have a look around, even if you only have the patience or time for a single read. If you find nothing of interest please consider returning at some time in the future as eventually there is sure to be something that catches your eye.

Fiftyism is a fledgling blog and the associated Facebook page is equally in its infancy.


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the simple reason I started a blog


Recently, I’ve been away. Away from the regular world as I know it. Away from work and schedules and routine. Away living as simply as possible (for the most part). Away proving to myself that at 50+ I’ve still got it. That I still have the body to keep up with the mind. That I still...

what does it mean to be happy? (2)


Ok, so what if happiness is a state of mind? What if it is just more than a feeling that comes and goes each time we get what we want or when things go exactly the way we want them to? What if we could stay happy at some deeper emotional level even when things have gone to shit and nothing, nothing...

what does it mean to be happy? (1)


What does it mean to be happy? What is happiness? Am I happy? Why does the word happy sound so ridiculous the more times that you say it? Deep philosophical questions no doubt. Except maybe for the last one which has absolutely no philosophical basis whatsoever. It just does. how do you define...

why you should take a two day vacation


You know sometimes, you really just need to get away. Get away from work, get away from people, even get away from family. Away from noise, drama and responsibility. Away from the shit that builds up.. To give yourself some space so you can find the space to keep on fitting everything in. a two day...

The 50 things I’ve learnt at 50


I know I’ve mentioned this before, but you don’t get to fifty for free. At some time or other, and usually a hell of a lot more than once, you’re going to have to pay. Call it what you want, experience, wisdom, pragmatism, it doesn’t really matter because whatever you call...

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