the simple reason I started a blog


Recently, I’ve been away.

Away from the regular world as I know it. Away from work and schedules and routine.

Away living as simply as possible (for the most part). Away proving to myself that at 50+ I’ve still got it. That I still have the body to keep up with the mind. That I still have the desire to, at least to the best of my ability, live a life less ordinary.

and if I can so can you

And this, quite simply, is the reason I started a blog.

Because essentially, we are no different, you and I. Sure, my idea of a life less ordinary is climbing mountains and hiking ridiculous distances for no particular reason other then I like doing sh*t like that. But while that sort of carry on may not be YOUR thing, you have a thing. I’m sure of it.

Because we all do.

i like to think that if one post encourages one person, then the blog has achieved something

Sounds like a massive ego grab doesn’t it?

But it’s not that.

What it is is knowing that hitting 50 can be a big thing. Can be a hurdle. Can be a mental challenge as much as it sometimes can be a physical one.

And it’s also saying a bit of a ‘f*ck you’ to societal norms. That middle age is very f***ing far from the beginning of the end. That even if the world as it is appears to cater and pander to the narcissim of youth with every advert, every ego driven Instagram feed and every weak excuse for not doing something that it bloody well shouldn’t.

because our generation needs to say ‘f*ck it every now and then…


…and get out and find what it is that makes OUR lives less ordinary.

Less ordinary and more extraordinary.

And if reading this makes you think “hell yeah, i’m in with that”

Then THAT is a good enough reason as well.


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