Turning fifty: time to crank it up a gear

Ahh yes, fifty…

The age of decreasing testosterone and belly fat. Of prostate problems and biennial colonoscopies.

The age when our bodies begin to remind us that maybe, just maybe we are starting to get old.

When willing minds are kept in check by aching limbs and arthritic joints.

The age when we begin to realise that a twenty-something fitness model is not really the ideal woman because in all honesty, we would most probably lack the energy.

So then, what’s the best thing you can do after turning fifty?
TURN 51..!




And then crank it up a gear, because all things being equal, fifty and beyond is a bloody brilliant age,  brilliant because there is just so much opportunity for some serious quality of life.

I mean, think about it:

•    We’ve raised our kids
•    We’ve settled our debt (or if we haven’t we are a good way along to doing so)
•    We can cast an eye toward retirement.
•    We can daydream a little about what we might do when suddenly, every hour of every day is OURS…(and if you need other reasons…)

…to do with what we want. No bosses, no stress. No dramas.

Quite simply, the motivation to move into and through our fifties is RIGHT THERE in front of us.

  1. Imagine, finally we have the time to concentrate on our fitness and health.
  2. To keep our bodies and minds as healthy as possible to keep us going from 50+, 60+ and beyond.
  3. We have the wisdom and experience to ignore all the crap that gets in the way of living.
  4. We have the opportunity to do those things that we’ve put off for years…you know the things I mean.

The things we never had time for. The things we thought were too selfish. The things we couldn’t do because we didn’t think we had it in us.

Well you know what? We do have it in us.

Because we damn well didn’t get to 50 for nothing


I’m 52. And I’m pretty bloody far from perfect.

For now, I’m still working. Holding down a job that has recently done a hell of a lot more harm than it has good.

As a result I’ve had real reason to sit back and have a long hard look at what I want, and expect, from the rest of my life.

And its pretty simple:

As much as I can.

Do as much. Try as much.

Achieve some goals and no doubt suck at achieving others.

This blog for example. The goal is to provide a forum of some sort. A place to share wisdom and experience. A place to take some things seriously and to make light of others.

To make fun of myself and to offer a place online where fifty+ blokes can be exactly what we are:

Wise, resilient and a maybe just a little bit broken down.

I pussy-footed around starting this blog because I didn’t want it to fail. All the advice from the online articles I read was direct and to the point…be an expert in something and then share your expertise with the world. Create a presence. Be good at something. Be good at anything.

Well, oddly enough, I found I’m good at being fifty.

  • For a start, I’ve made it, which pretty well makes me an expert.
  • I’ve also had shit happen.
  • I’m rough around the edges and will never, EVER grace the cover of GQ magazine.
  • I’ve made mistakes and I’ve learnt very little about women.
  • I know more about life than men half my age because I’ve lived more of it.

Just like all of us.

So, this blog is aimed at we gents in our fifty’s.

Because some things affect us a little differently now. Not all things, but some. We are unique. I like to think we have evolved into the almost perfect male.

I say almost because we do have our failings. We also have issues as well as some important decisions looming on our horizons. Consider the following:

• Retirement
• Health
• Getting the most out of our lives
• Making plans
• Learning new things
• Motivating ourselves

It took roughly 30 seconds to come up with this list and you could probably triple it within a minute.

Naturally, each and every one of us has issues and experiences totally specific to himself. However, I’d think it safe to say that a portion of our issues are generic. Which is why involvement and interaction from anyone with an opinion, an idea or a view is encouraged to put it out there.

There will be a comment link at the end of each post and the subject matter is pretty well open. Because if you’ve felt it, heard it or done it you could pretty much guarantee that someone else has as well.

I’ll be honest in saying I have nothing free to give, no eBook, no ‘how to’ guide and no method to make us all millionaires.

In the future there may be a link or two to some things that are worthwhile though that is a fair way off just yet.

There will be an email subscribe and a sharing link for Facebook and Twitter. If you do subscribe all I can really offer to begin with is notification of a new post, hopefully about one every week or so to start, all being well.

The small about me section at the bottom of the page says a little about who I am.

I guess we will just have to see how it all goes.


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